Pioneer Students Enjoy Outdoor Learning in Nearby Wetlands

Pioneer Students Enjoy Outdoor Learning in Nearby Wetlands
Posted on 05/10/2021
outdoor learningJust in time for Earth Day, Pioneer Elementary staff and student have been cleaning up the wetlands adjacent to the school so students can use it for outdoor education.  Pioneer third grade teacher, Rebecca Rodriguez, and her class visited the wetlands and made a list of projects that could be done to repair and clean up the area.

The outdoor classroom features wood benches scattered throughout the area and students can walk in the wetlands, make observations, and drawings, and complete math and writing projects.  The path through the wetlands has also been made accessible for wheelchairs so life Skills students can also enjoy the area.

"The students are able to get out into the fresh air and take mask breaks," said Rodriguez. "Having this outdoor classroom has a huge impact on our students' well-being."

"Its been fun helping clean up the wetlands,' said third grader Logan Allen. "We hope other students are encouraged to clean up the area."

Stephanie Howe's fifth grade class is working on a project to install interpretive trail sign throughout the wetlands.  Students are currently researching for the project and then will design the signs.

"Hands-on learning is so important for science classes,' said Howe.  "Having this outdoor classroom allows students to observe and make discoveries.  Due to COVID-19, we can't really have field trips so this is almost like a mini field trip for the students."