Mrs. Fallquist

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Fallquist

Welcome to 5th grade! 

2020-21 is going to awesome. We are going to learn flexibility, patience, technology and a lot about our own learning styles. 
 While I have been teaching 5th grade for a number of years it goes without saying that every year is a bit different. Well this one is sure going to be like all the others-different. In an age where information can be obtained at the click of a mouse; I think it is important to learn stamina and perseverance. It is important to ask questions until ideas start to make sense and dive deep into discussions that challenge our thinking. 

I think that the most important lessons that we learn are about ourselves. Therefore, my personal teaching philosophy is based on the inquiry method and Love and Logic. 

So, here is a bit about me. My husband and I live in Conway with my 2 sons, Jackson (6) and Christian (2). We have 2 dogs, 4 chickens and a bunny. Our neighborhood is a bit free range so it feels like we have 8 dogs, a goat, countless chickens, cows, horses the occasional cat, though I rarely see those around all the dogs. 

I was born and raised in Mt. Vernon. Got my bachelors of science at Bastyr University and then did some traveling. Taught English in South Korea for 1.5 years then spent 6 months backpacking through India and Spain. When I returned home, I received my Master's in Education at City University and have been at Pioneer ever since. 

Please feel free to email me anytime to check in or let me know how you are doing.