General Information

The Big Five-Trailblazer Behaviors
The Big Five 
  • Use kind words, actions, and manners.
  • Walk at all times in designated areas.
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.
  • Listen to and follow directions.
  • Use appropriate voice level and tone.

Hallways-Trailblazer Behavior

  • Walk in a straight line on the right side of the hallway.
  • Stop at intersections, look, and wait your turn.
  • Stay with your class.
  • Talk in a quiet voice.

Playground-Trailblazer Behavior

  • Games are to be played by school rules.
  • Respect games already in play.
  • Stay within boundaries.
  • Use passes to enter the building.
  • Use school equipment correctley.
  • Contact an adult if you see a stranger or animal.

Lunch Room-Trailblazer Behavior

  • Hold tray correctley.
  • Pick up supplies in one trip.
  • Eat only your own food.
  • Sit appropriately at tables.
  • Clean your area.
  • Be seated and raise your hand to be excused.

Assemblies-Trailblazer Behavior

  • Give attention to speaker/performance.
  • Clap at appropriate times.
  • Enter and exit appropriately
  • Stay seated until directed to stand.

Arrival & Dismissal-Trailblazer Behavior

  • Wait in designated areas.
  • Help others get where they need to be.
  • Arrive and leave on time.
  • Appropriate language/topic of discussion in line.
  • Follow bus and pick-up rules.
  • Enter and exit through correct doors.
  • Wait to enter until the arrival bell, unless you have a pass.

Bathroom-Trailblazer Behavior

  • Give people privacy.
  • Keep feet on floor.
  • Wash hands and flush toilet.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Return directly to classroom