Math Games


Math Games 

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A Collection of Math Websites
This site has links to various websites in the following categories: 
*Number Sense and Operations 
*Data Analysis, Probability and Discrete Math 
*Patterns, Algebra and Functions 
*Geometry and Measurement 
*Structure and Logic
A Plus Math
A+ Math site has flashcards to print and online games that make learning math fun
AAA Math
Math lessons on a variety of topics
Ask Dr. Math
Have a math question? ...Ask Dr. Math
Click On Bricks
Use Lego Bricks to learn beginning multiplication facts
Drag Race Division
Practice division while racing agains others on a different computer
Five Frames

K/1st grade practice composing and decomposing numbers to 5 using a Five Frame.

Hooda Math
Hooda Math is all about making math fun and making math easy. Play games, explore links, and view math tutorials.
Island Chase (Jet-Ski) Subtraction
Practice your subtraction facts while racing agains others on a different computer.

Many Pioneer students had trial accounts to this spring and thoroughly enjoyed this site! For a small monthly subscription fee your child can continue with IXL in the summertime to keep their math skills sharp. Activities are linked to Washington state standards.

Jet Ski Addition
Practice addition while racing against others on a different computer
Math Arcade
Work your way though 25 math games on FunBrain unlocking new games as you go
Math Baseball
Lots of baseball fun while practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication or division
Math Cats
Find math crafts, games, and problems of the day at Math Cats!
Math Magician Addition
Pick the level that is just right for you and practice addition facts as a Math Magician!
Math Magician Subtraction
Pick the level that is just right for you and practice subtraction facts as a Math Magician!
Math Playground
Play with numbers and give your brain a workout at this action-packed site full of math skills and logic games
Multiplication Grand Prix Racing
Practice multiplication while racing against others on a different computer
Speed Math Deluxe
Given four digits, students create an equation using addition, subtraction, multiplication and devision. The site is devoted to developing speed.
Create puzzle magic with Tangrams
Who Wants Pizza?
Practice fractions with pizza