ABC, Sound, 100, Number, Word, Reading, and Writing Club

      These skills are milestones that each student will be working toward this year.  Monthly I will assess students to see the progress they are making on learning letters, sounds, words, and counting. When a student reaches a specific club goal, he/she gets his/her name on the Club sheet, gets a small piece of candy as a treat, and a note is sent home. Students are eager to learn new skills, and it is fun to see them so motivated.

ABC Club: Students are able to name the upper and lower case letters out of order! 

Sound Club: Students know all the lower case letter sounds out of order.

‚Äč100 Club: Students are able to count to 100 without any mistakes! 

Number Club: Students are able to identify all numbers 0-20 out of order! 

Word Club: Students know all of the words on the Word Club word list! 

Reading Club: Students are able to read at a DRA level 3 or above! 

Writing Club: Students are able to write two detailed sentences on the same topic with different beginnings.