Doors Open at 8:55 AM
First Bell 9:10 AM
Last Bell 3:40 PM

Lunch Schedule:

Kinder and 1st:  12:05-12.25
1st:       12:05-12.25
2nd:       12:25-12:40
3rd:        11:50-12:05
4th:        11:50-12:05
5th:        12:25-12:40

School Dates:

Aug 19th - Kindergarten Assessments
Aug 26th - Kinergarten Round-up 10:30 - 11:30 and 6:30-7:30pm
Sept. 3rd - Back To School Night 4:30 - 6:00pm
Sept 4th - First Day of School
Sept 13th - Tailgating Party 5 - 6pm


Summer Office Hours 

Our office will be open 9am - 3pm until June 25th.  We will reopen August 14th from 9am - 2pm
Have a great summer!

Congratulations Ms. Booth 

Please welcome Brenda Booth as the new principal starting 19/20 school year.  Ms. Booth is the current vice principal at Pioneer.  prior to coming to Pioneer, she worked in Burlington Edison School District as a kindergarten teacher and instructional coach.  She has spent a lot of time in kindergarten and special education.  
Brenda Booth

Welcome Ms. Durrant

Please welcome Ms. Sarah Durrant to Pioneer Elementary as Vice Principal.  Sarah grew up in Granite Falls and has spent 22 years in the classroom teaching both primary and intermediate grades. The last 5 years she has taught 2nd grade at Eagle Creek.  She shares a love of learning and a desire to help all students succeed. She values family and enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and the family dog.

Socktober is Here

Crazy Sock Day on Friday Sept 27th!

#Socktober kicks off October 1st and will end the 25th!  This is a project started by Kid President and Soul Pancake to help the homeless around the United States.  We are thrilled to announce that Pioneer's 3rd Graders will be leading the school this year in a service learning project.  Socks are the #1 item needed by shelters, yet most often overlooked.  in 2017, Pioneer families generously donated 3,128 pairs of socks.  Let's see if we can beat the previous grand total!  Help Pioneer help others by #fillingthecase.

Here are the basic directions for #socktober

Students will collect NEW socks from October 1st through October 25th and bring them to school.  We will be accepting NEW socks of all sizes for children, men and women.  Socks will be taken to your classroom and placed in a box.  At the end of #socktober, socks will be delivered to Kids Kloset in Arlington and the Everett Gospel Mission.

Students will be completing by GRADE LEVEL for the most socks per week.  We will total up the socks on Friday and declare a winner for the week.  (BRagging rights!)  The grade at the end of #socktober with the most collected socks will win an extra recess with Ms. Booth and Mrs. Durrant.

"What's with the hashtag?"  This is a way to see how people around the U.S. are participating in #socktober.  The people at Soul Pancake and Kid President wants participants to use the hashtag as a simple way to monitor all of the awesomeness happening!

We will kick off #socktober with a crazy Sock Day on Friday Sept 27th. 

Peace, love and Socks, 
The 3rd Grade Team