Lunch Schedule
Kindergarten 11:50-12:10
1st Grade 11:50-12:10
2nd Grade 11:50-12:10
3rd Grade 12:20-12:40
4th Grade 12:20-12:40
5th Grade 12:20-12:40

Monday through Thursday dismissal @ 3:40pm
Early dismissal every Friday @ 2:25pm





Weekly Schedule
Monday - Thursday 9:10 - 3:40
Friday 9:10 - 2:25 (Every Friday)

Regular Office Hours
Our office is open from 9:00am to 4:00pm

Class and Individual Personality Picture Day is Coming

On March 2nd we will be doing class pictures and individual personality pictures.  Picture packet order forms will be sent out the week of February 21st.  Students must have a completed envelope or online order receipt to have an individual photo taken.  To minimize class disruption, not all students are individually photographed.  Online orders must be placed prior to 9:00 AM on March 2nd for individual pictures.  If you have questions or want to order online please visit Dorian's website at  



5th Grade Outdoor Camp Information
Date: March 22-24
Cost: FREE - Thank you Outdoor Schools Washington

Click here to view the webinar with 5th Gradecamp information.  If you have any additional questions that were not answered in the webinar, please contact our Principal at [email protected] or 360-618-6230.  Information packets and permission slips were sent home on February 8th.  Please return the Permission Form, Health Form and Camp Waiver ASAP.


Join us for our next Budget Community Forum on
Tuesday, Feb. 28

Arlington Public Schools is facing the need for making future budget reductions to take effect next year. Our district has strong financial management and has maintained a healthy fund balance, but several issues combined are making budget reductions necessary:

  • Pandemic-induced federal and state aid are ceasing
  • Enrollment is recovering more slowly than hoped
  • The district has continued to provide high levels of services many of which were previously bolstered by federal/state aid
  • On the heels of this pandemic, the Board directed fund balance be used as 'rainy-day-one-time-funds' in order to continue to mitigate the impacts and accelerate learning, even as costs are rising, rather than a formal reduction in staff for 2022-23
  • We estimate dipping into minimum reserves by roughly half, by the end of 2022-23
  • State funding models (reformulated by the legislature in 2018) continues to lead to funding gaps
  • The district is working to make comprehensive reductions across the district to take effect for 2023-24 (the year after this one)
  • There are many priorities of great magnitude and difficult decisions will need to be made to right-size the budget

Community engagement is important for feedback on values and priorities to help inform the decision-making process. Please join us for the Budget Community Forum on Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 6 p.m. in the foyer of the Byrnes Performing Arts Center.

If you are unable to attend Tuesday’s forum, additional forums will be on April 11 at Eagle Creek Elementary School.

Gary D. Sabol, MS, APR
Director of Communications

Is My Child Too Sick To Go To School? A Guide for Parents 

APPEARANCE/ BEHAVIOR– unusually tired, pale, no appetite, hard to wake, or confused.

EYES– If there is drainage, vision change, and/or redness of the eyelid, itching, pain or sensitivity to light. This may be a sign of “pink eye” (conjunctivitis) and the student should be checked by a healthcare provider.

FEVER– temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees C) or higher. Students need to be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school WITHOUT medications to reduce the fever.

BAD COLD AND/OR COUGH – Students need to be able to cover their cough to be at school. If a cough is new or persists, the student may need to be seen by a health care provider.

DIARRHEA– 2 or more watery stools in 24 hours, especially if the student acts or looks ill. Students should stay home for 24 hours after the last watery stool.

VOMITING– vomiting 2 or more times in 24 hours. Student should stay home for 24 hours after the last time they vomited.

RASH– Bothersome body rash, especially with fever or itching. Some rashes may spread to others and should be checked by a healthcare provider.

INJURY/SURGERY – if students are unable to concentrate due to pain or pain medication, they should stay home. Please have your health care provider contact the school nurse to help your child safely return to school. Letting the school nurse know in advance of any planned surgery will be helpful.

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS about whether or not your student is healthy enough to come to school? Contact the school nurse or your child’s health care provider.




Books Before Bedtime is February 24th from 6:30 to 8:00.  Come enjoy a variety of stories, making bookmarks and have some milk and cookies.  This event is our kickoff to our Read-a-Thon Fundraiser.  Read-a-Thon makes it easy, fun and rewarding to practice reading at home and at school.  Friends and family support your child's reading efforts by making a donation to their personal Read-a-Thon page.  Please click Read -a-Thon.pdf for more information on setting up your Read-a-Thon account.
 It's time to purchase your Yearbook.  If you are interested in purchasing a yearbook please click on this link EnglishYearbook.png if you would like instructions in English or this link SpanishYearbook.png if you would like instructions in Spanish.

Next General Meeting is scheduled for
March 23rd from 6:30 to 8:30.